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⁠Marble and Stone Floor Cleaning and Polishing

Professional cleaning that will leave your marble sparkling

Natural stone, such as marble, adds a distinct individuality to a space. Every detail, from the flooring to the worktops to the shower walls to the backsplashes, enhances the brilliance of the area and improves the attractiveness of your home. Our experienced professionals will identify the finest cleaning method for your marble. We use cutting-edge tools and technology to ensure that your marble is brilliant and dazzling!

Marble Cleaning

To maintain your marble clean, sweep or dust it on a regular basis and use a non-acidic cleanser. Acid-based cleaning solutions can readily destroy marble. Unfortunately, this also implies that marble is particularly sensitive to acids (such as soda, face wash, toothpaste, fruit juice, and so on), and you’ll need to polish it to restore its shine.

Marble Polishing

If your marble has scratches, etches, or a dull appearance, we recommend having it professionally polished. In addition to acid-based treatments, daily dust and debris can cause harm to your marble. To maintain their natural, beautiful shine, marble surfaces must be carefully maintained.