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General Office Cleaning and Janitorial Maintenance

We specialize in providing high-quality office cleaning services to businesses of all sizes and types. We have the right staff who are fully bonded and insured.

Companies are willing to pay a premium for our services because of our unmatched level of professionalism and reliability that our competitors can’t offer. Business owners who are dissatisfied with their current service providers are confident that they can trust our services because they exceed their expectations.


● Empty all wastebaskets and replace liners, collect and recycle trash
   and remove for disposal to designated area
● Dust and spot clean office equipment and furniture, properly
   arrange furniture in the office
● Polish woodwork to high gloss
● Dust and spot clean ledges, partitions and window sills
● Dust and spot clean work spaces, surface areas and individual
   desktops, damp dust if necessary. Give special attention to under
   desks, chairs, telephones, corners, and hard to reach places
● Disinfect doorknobs handles and light switches.
● Dust all blinds, vents, fixtures and all surfaces above eye level
● Keep closets clean and in order
● Sanitize all water fountains
● Clean interior and exterior of all aluminum doorframes and sides
● Damp wipe and clean conference room’s tables and chairs
● Spot clean fingerprints on glass doors, woodwork, walls and
● Vacuum all carpeted areas
● Sweep and wet mop floors
● Leave lights on in designated areas and secure premises as


● Clean, deodorize and disinfect toilet bowls, sinks, counter fixtures,
   and urinals
● Polish mirrors, shelves, cabinets, and dispensers
● Clean, disinfect both sides of all toilets seats
● Empty all wastepaper receptacles and sanitary receptacles to
   designated area; refill restroom dispensers as required (hand soap,
   toilet paper, paper towels)
● Empty trash container, replace liners and remove to designated
● Spot clean restroom backsplash, walls, and dispensers.
● Place all equipment neatly in designated space
● Sweep and wet mop restroom floor


● Clean all tables, chairs, countertops and sinks
● Clean range top and spot clean front of cabinets
● Clean exterior of appliances
● Clean interior and exterior of refrigerator and microwave
● Dispose of all trash to designated area
● Mop all floors.